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    2. Powerful analytics enabling data-driven solutions

      nCino's Portfolio Analytics Solution

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      Start Making Data-Driven Decisions Today

      Gain Analytical Insight
      Save Time and Money
      Simplify Analytics
      Satisfy Examiners
      Ensure Data Consistency

      Financial Institutions (FIs) are facing a complex, competitive and compliance-driven financial environment where making timely and data-driven decisions are key for both efficient growth and effective risk management. Without proper data-warehousing, advanced analytics and accessible reporting, FIs are left with the headache of gathering, verifying and analyzing data from multiple, disparate sources. Enter nCino's Portfolio Analytics Solution – a multi-performance warehousing, analytics and reporting suite specifically built for financial institutions. With nCino, front and back office staff can establish baseline performance metrics across applications, deposits and loans, and set goals to achieve the growth and compliance desired. This life-of-loan analytics platform enables managers to better assess today's risks and ensure tomorrow's success.

      Analytics Across The Institution

      Desktop computer running the nCino Bank Operating System
      Loan Analytics

      Identify, measure and monitor risks and opportunities across the loan portfolio using loan and portfolio level credit analytics.

      Application Analytics

      Use application analytics to easily analyze loan applications for approval rates, key performance metrics and 'what-if' scenarios.

      Fair Lending Analytics

      Analyze loans and applications for pricing discrimination and steering.

      Peer-to-Peer Analytics

      Compare loans, applications and deposits against peer groups on risk/performance metrics not found in call reports.

      ALLL/CECL Analytics

      Choose from multiple loss methods, easily incorporate Q&E and forecast factors, and instantly produce complete disclosure and key reports.

      Deposit Analytics

      Dive deep into the deposit portfolio analytics by product type, branches, maturity schedule, correlations and pricing betas.

      Customers Analytics

      Utilize a framework for intelligent lists, propensity scores, householding, account linkage and complete customer-centric analysis.

      Credit Bureau Data

      Leverage the partnership with all three major bureaus to streamline the ordering and integrations of account review and prescreen data. No more dealing with flat files and cryptic data codes.

      "nCino is one of our trusted partners. They consistently exceed our service expectations while profiling a comprehensive and user friendly platform to use for our analytics."
      Pacific Crest Federal Credit Union

      To learn more about how nCino's Portfolio Analytics Solution is implemented download the implementation guide here.

      Join us for a nCino Analytics Academy event hosted by a financial institution in your area to learn best practices, network with peers and make more impactful, data-driven decisions.

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