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    2. nCino's Small Business Administration (SBA) Solution

      Optimize Your Lending Capabilities Under the CARES Act with nCino's SBA Solution

      Capital at Your Fingertips

      Increase Transparency
      85% Reduction in Time to Deliver Loan Decisions
      Grow Loan Volume and Staff Efficiency
      Accelerate Time to Revenue
      Streamline Data Entry & Processing

      Quickly respond to regulatory changes as a result of the CARES Act by decreasing loan processing time and increasing your capacity for new loan applications. nCino's SBA Solution optimizes the 7(a) loan process for customers and employees by digitizing documentation collection, eliminating manual processes, simplifying data entry and providing real-time transparency. All documentation and forms are stored within nCino allowing financial institutions to quickly, efficiently and conveniently submit the loan and documents electronically through the built-in E-Tran integration all on a single platform. Download episode three of our COVID-19 Economic Impact Webinar Series: Leveraging nCino to Implement the Paycheck Protection Program.

      Service SBA Loans from Anywhere

      Desktop computer running the nCino Bank Operating System
      Loan Origination System

      A complete end-to-end system for SBA loan processing that automatically routes users through the application effortlessly. Workflow: An intuitive, step-by-step process with applicable SBA workflow rules built in.

      Document Manager

      A configurable, integrated digital document repository providing instant, secure and digital access to any document for enabled employees with e-signature capabilities.

      Smart Checklist

      Assign and customize a list of requirements for each employee, who can view product status and oversee completed and remaining loan requirements in real-time.

      Document Preparation

      SBA 7(a) closing documents are generated through document preparation integrations.

      Customer Engagement

      Customers can access a state-of-the-art portal that gives them a digital channel to apply for loans, products and services, a 24/7 gateway to information regarding the status of their loans, and the ability to easily upload required documentation.

      Workflow & CRM

      Robust platform with ability to capture web leads, track applicant's progress and create cross- and up-sell opportunities

      E-Tran Integration

      The built-in E-Tran integration offers a seamless, efficient, and automated electronic submission process for the authorization of loans to the SBA.

      SBA Form Generation

      nCino supports all necessary SBA 7(a) forms with an integration to DocuSign for submission through SBA.gov.

      "Leveraging nCino's Bank Operating System enables us to confidently meet increased loan demand with more speed and productivity by reducing our reliance on paper and empowering employees to close loans more quickly and efficiently than before."
      CrossFirst Bank

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